• Online Headache Relief Pressure Points Tutorial.
  • Based on Chinese accupuncture and Japanese Shiatsu techniques.
  • Works almost instantaneously, people often feel relief before the routine is completed.
  • Works with energy channels to balance and normalize rather than just to kill the pain.
  • Detailed "five minutes to learn" description.

Remember the last time on the party, when suddenly you or someone else had to leave because of the headache? Is it possible to help with just few touches?

Fast Headache Relief.

In this tutorial you will find the technique, based on Chinese pressure points, that can be used for fast headache relief.

The technique takes 5-10 minutes, and is very useful for most types of the headache. It is also very easy to apply - you can do it to yourself, as well as to someone else. It does not take more than 10 minutes to learn.

Unlike most "non-prescribed drugs", it works almost instantaneously, as the matter of fact, people often feel relief before the routine is completed.

There are, of course, conditions, that require different kinds of treatment, but for most types of headache this technique can beat "non-prescribed drugs" in terms of efficiency. Still, read the disclaimer, use your own judgment and consult your family doctor.

Additional information on the pressure points is available in a free Chi Gun sample.

From Headache Treatment to Health Improvement.

The medical fact is: human brain cannot feel pain. However, muscles can, bones and joints can, and we also have blood vessels, and they can hurt, too. Additionally, it all is interrelated, for example, spasm in the neck muscles due to long work on computer can lead to changing blood circulation in the head, changing blood pressure...

So the technique we are going to use is not to "cure" - it is to "normalize". It does not work with the headache directly, as it is not a pain killer. It works with muscles, reducing spasms. It works with blood circulation, normalizing it to some degree. And it works with body energy channels, to make sure the change lasts.

As you know, chinese pressure point are very powerful tools we can use to affect our body. So what we are going to do is working with pressure points on the head, as well as with most important so-called "miracle points" on hands and even legs.

  • Get rid of the headache in FIVE minutes. An instant cure for headache.
  • How to do a pressure points self-massage, that improves your health.
  • Easy to do, affecting your entire body. An ancient technique proven to be so powerful.
  • A natural alternative to pain killer pills. Amazing results.
  • A "nice to have" technique, that can be used anywhere.

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