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In this tutorial you will find the set of Taiji Qigong techniques, called Qigong (Dao In) Kidneys form. Dao In is an ancient name of the Qigong. The set has just 8 forms, but please keep in mind, that each form is rather complex, it involves more than one motion.

The Taiji Qigong Exercises "Dao In Kidneys" are designed to improve general health, however the most effect they have on the kidneys and backbone conditions. The effect is achieved both through the self-massage, that happens during twists, and through the activation of corresponding energy meridians.

If you do it right, Taiji Qigong Exercises are safe. If you make errors, or if you have some (very rare) health conditions, it may create unpleasant sensations. I am not going to discuss these "dangers" here, as there are sources in the Internet, dealing with the issue. I believe, that if you do it in a relaxed way, without pushing and if you do not do techniques that feel unpleasant - you will be fine. Nevertheless, read the disclaimer and find a local guru, if in doubts.

Taiji Qigong: Sample

This is a chapter, selected from the eBook (see below).

It is recommended to repeat each form four times (when you do the form turning to the left and then to the right, it counts as one time).

Initial position: heels together, toes together, knees straight (we never stay with our knees completely straight and "locked" in the knee joint, even when the knee is straight, it is very slightly bent). Hands hanging by the sides of your body, palms turned towards you, touching the sides of your body.

Form 1.

During this exercise your attention should be directed at the lao goon points and kidneys.

From the initial position, bring your hands up, in front of you. While doing it, turn the left hand palm outside, baby finger up. Turn the right hand palm up.

The distance between palms should be about the width of your shoulders, hands go up to the level of shoulders, and not above.

Bend your knees and in the same time turn left. In the same time, your hands should go down and then up, as if you are drawing the sideways "8" character. In the leftmost part of the trajectory, turn your palms, now the right palm is turned outside, and the left palm is up.

Important note: the hips and knees do not turn during this exercise, the waist does. Also, hands are always in front of you. It seems that they go to the left and (when you turn right) to the right, but it is your body that turns, while hands are only moving up and down.

As you bend your knees, tighten your toes, as if you are holding on to the floor.

Continuing "drawing 8", turn to the right, and complete the form.

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