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Online tutorial covering Healing Tao technique - a set of carefully chosen ancient Dao In / Qigong forms.

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In this tutorial you will find the set of Qigong Meditation techniques, called "Healing Tao" form. This is an semi-advanced form, used both for health improvement, and to develop "energy" flow in your body.

The form is a great way to learn to "feel" different types of the "energies" - the South, East and West, and the Earth. It is done by simply paying attention to your physical sensations during the exercises, and noticing the differences between them.

If you do it right, Qigong Meditation is safe. If you make errors, or if you have some (very rare) health conditions, it may create unpleasant sensations. I am not going to discuss these "dangers" here, as there are sources in the Internet, dealing with the issue. I believe, that if you do it in a relaxed way, without pushing and if you do not do techniques that feel unpleasant - you will be fine. Nevertheless, read the disclaimer and find a local guru, if in doubts.

Qigong Exercises: Sample

This is a sample from the eBook (see below).


Initial position: heels together, toes together (the same for all exercises). As always in Qigong Meditation and Tai Chi techniques, knees are slightly bent (just slightly, but it is very important, that the knee joint is not "locked). Hands are relaxed, hanging by the sides of the body, palms turned towards the body.

We are going to turn hands palms back. To do it, first move the baby finger, then the ring finger, and so on. The thumb should move last.


Bend the wrists, so that your palms turn down, and fingers point forward.

From this position, move your hands forwards - backwards, as if you are brushing the fur. The exercise is called "brushing the energy of Earth". Do it three times. Note: When your hands move forward, the angle (with the vertical) shouldn't exceed 30 degrees, and palms should stay bent. When you move your hands back, do not move them too far - they should only go as far, as the original position (where hands are hanging down at 90 degrees to the floor).


Relax and straighten wrists, fingers pointing down. Turn your hands palms forward, bring them up-forward, and hold them rounded, at the level of your middle-body, palms facing your body.

Bend the middle finger, so that it points at your belly button. Keep this position for about 3 seconds, then unbend fingers.

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